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If you are going through a troubling situation right now, there is hope in sight.  The situation that you are currently dealing with may make you feel trapped, bound, and helpless.  What you may not realize is that you have a clear path forward.  It takes a lot of courage and strength to let go of whatever is weighing on you and move forward, but you are surrounded with everything you need to do exactly that.  Take one step at a time.  Visualize what you would feel like once this situation is over and focus on those feelings.  You have a very bright future, but this current situation has to end in order to get to that place where you shine brighter than the sun.

If you are feeling anything other than love and compassion, please turn your focus to love and compassion.  It is within those feelings that we are able to let go, move forward, and reach our full potential.

Turn your, “I can’t” into “I can, and I will!”

You are in control of your own feelings, your own reactions, and your own path.  Take the steps needed to feel better.

If you need help, look for inspiring people around you.  Reach out to them and see if they can offer you some guidance.  Asking for help is a step forward.  Searching for inspiration is a step forward.  Looking beyond your situation is a step forward.

Happy trails.  You’ve got this!



If heartache and pain have surrounded you during the holidays, I need your FULL attention.

YOU are the only person I want you to focus on right now.  You are wise, and wisdom only comes from knowledge, experience, and growth.  You are also in full control of you.  You decide how you want to approach the upcoming holidays.

If you have lost loved ones, know that they are there.  They are shinning their beauty, their joy, and their love, straight at you.  They are arming you with courage, and all they want is to see your joy resonate throughout your being.

As you contemplate the upcoming holidays, I hope you choose love and compassion over anger or sadness.  If you decide to shine your loving and compassionate light on those around you, you will feel grounded and secure no matter the circumstances.  When you stay centered in love, no one can break you.

Go forth with love and compassion and decide to leave the pain behind.  Remember, we are meant to be joyful in this life.  Don’t waste one more minute feeling anything that causes you pain.

I send you love and compassion this holiday season.  May our light shine brighter than ever as we step into joyfulness.

Happy Holidays from Me to You