Some might think our path is unusual, but this path is strong, and filled with deep, penetrating thought.

It is doable, but will take courage, strength, and trust. Each step along this path is taken with deliberate action.

You are not alone on this journey. Those around you are there to help, because we are all heading in the same direction. We each have our own reasons for walking this path, and our goals may be different, but we have chosen this journey.

With each step forward we are making room for others to join. We must work together. Our individual strengths are needed to achieve the overall goal.

Our path may be challenging, but we can see where we are going.

Trust is key. You must trust yourself, others around you, and trust each and every step you take.

The tree is a symbol of being grounded, strong, and flexible. Carry these characteristics with you on this journey.

The chalice is a reminder of why we are on this path. What you feel within you will always be your guiding light.

We are light workers. We face the light, embrace the light, and walk towards the light.

I am honored to be on this path with all of you.


This was information I received through Clairaudience and Clairvoyance. I wanted to share it with you to see if anyone else has had similar visions.

A special thank you to my wife, Lynda von Witt, for illustrating my vision.

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