Did you know that Tarot reading is illegal in some cities?

I changed the name of this blog for legal reasons. I will not be able to obtain a business license in the city of Long Beach, CA under the title of “Tarot Reader.” Therefore I will be applying for a business license as a “Spiritual Life Coach.” Tarot just happens to be one of the tools I use in my business. I find this a blessing because I plan to go far beyond tarot. Why limit myself?

I find it interesting that my passions are so taboo. As a gay woman, with a loving wife, and a career focused on the metaphysical, it’s a good thing I’m confident and pretty fearless.

As I enter into this business I’m creating, I know that I will attract the right people to me. People will be drawn to me that appreciate a positive, honest approach to life. People who follow me will be ready to take control of their own lives, and make it the best life they can.

The sky is not the limit, because there is no limit.

Thank you for following.  If this doesn’t sound like you, I wish you the best in finding what you seek.


Much love,

Ani von Witt

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