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With 2014 moving right along, it’s a great time to work towards manifesting your desires.

When creating a vision board, it’s key to let go of boundaries, a sense of lack, or any thought of something being unattainable.  Think BIG!  These are your desires!

Law of Attraction is all about our thoughts and feelings being in alignment with our desires.  Our vision board is a reminder to keep our thoughts and feelings focused on what is important to us, and what we wish to attain.

The Art of Allowing is believing that you can have all the good that is coming to you.  Be grateful for what you do have, but welcome and accept the abundance that is coming your way.

The most important thing to remember when creating your vision board is the feeling you have regarding each picture or word you place on your board.  Do you want a specific make and model of a car but can’t find a picture of it?  Find something similar, but focus on the feeling.  Would you feel free, independent, luxurious, or successful?  Place your board someplace where you’ll see it often and visualize what it would look like and feel like to have that new car.  Imagine your day with this new car.  How does it feel just thinking about it?  The same can be done with anything you place on your vision board.

I set up my vision board with different categories.  I have family, career, wealth, travel/adventures, wellness/health, inspiring people, and stillness.  I took plenty of time to cut out magazine clippings and printed some of my own photos as well.  Written on the back of the poster board is January 2014 because it’s always interesting to look back on your desires from various times in your life.





This can be done alone, with a significant other, or in a group, but be sure to create your own board because we all have our own unique desires.

Enjoy the process and have fun with it!

*Some of the information or suggestions shared here I learned from Mary Giuliani, MCC and Anne Reith, Ph.D. from IMPART Wisdom & Wellness Center in Santa Ana, California.  For more information on classes and workshops go to



I got married over the holidays and officially took the von Witt name!  It is a combination of our last names “von Hagn” and “Witt.”

This name is meaningful to me for several reasons, and the numerology behind our name makes it even more unique.

Lynda and I have been together for almost two and half years, and the one thing we’ve realized is that when we work together we are an unstoppable force!  We are fire and water, ying and yang, light and dark.  You get the picture.  We can move mountains IF we work together.

I used numerology to calculate our married name, and I was pleased to see the dynamic result.  In numerology you break down numbers until they become a single digit, unless you see a Master Number (11, 22, 33 etc.).  “von Witt” calculates to a Master Number of 33.  I’ve read that Master Numbers only are significant if it’s one of your core numbers, (Life Path, Heart’s Desire, Personal Expression, Personality or Maturity numbers) but my intuition tells me that it’s a sign that her and I have the ability to create incredible things together.

I have no doubt that Lynda and I will have a lifetime of adventures, successful endeavors, and the ability to work through all odds.

Cheers to the start of a new year and to my incredible wife that brings happiness and wonder to my life!